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A Warden in the Moors

January 13, 2011

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been much in Ettemoors. My Hunter has been there some time, but mostly as a supporting role in a raid. Tracking nasty wargs and trying my best too shoot from a distance. So when my PVP weapons on my Warden had finally reached a decent level (enough to max out my Careful Step duration & Javelin toss range) i went out there.

PVP with a Warden is very very different from a Hunter. First of all, there’s the incoming damage, not only does my Warden have 30-40% more morale than my hunter, but also some awesome Block/Evade/Parry rating (esp with Shield Mastery up). And dealing damage is quite different too, first of all the Warden has the super awesome Careful Step+Ambush combo which means that you can basically get the creep down to 50% morale before it can start doing damage itself. And with the Javelin toss range maxed out, the range is only slightly shorter than a Hunters range. Soloing is not only possible with a Warden, but also quite fun, with a Hunter (atleast for me) it was neither. But also grouping with a Warden is more fun. It’s lovely to be the one knocking down an enemy with Ambush, and see the rest of the raid finish it off.

Coming into melee range is quite different. You need to know exactly where your two-gambit icons are, one mistake building a gambit in the Moors will very likely end badly, there’s just not enough time to start over. My meele PVP weapon doesn’t deal very much damage yet either (Javelin toss range felt a whole lot more important to get up to max).

On a final note, I got my last piece in the Spear-Shaker set for my Warden yesterday. It’s nice to finally have 150 radiance, and that Recklessness set bonus will be awesome in PVP.

In the Grand Stair

November 10, 2009

Had a class quest for my hunter in the Grand Stair (Set the Trap), so me and four kinmates went in yesterday. Not only did i get the class quest done, but i also got theese:

Boots of the Great Bow

So now i have both the Chest piece and the boots. Working hard on my deeds aswell on the Hunter, and he’s really starting to look good. Not sure what class-traits i should go for though.. Time will tell.