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Challenge returns to LOTRO

July 31, 2014

It appears update 14 brought not only Gondor to us, it also brought back the challenge of T2 and T2C instances!

The last couple of years the level of challenge in instances has been reduced, time and time again. It started with RoR, and went completely overboard in HD. This, along with other factors such as the Trait trees, and Turbines decision to not make any traditional instanced group content drove away many people from the game. But with update 14 something happened.

Our tactical mitigation contribution from Vitality had already been removed in an earlier update, but given the difficulty of T2 and T2C stuff, this was probably not something many thought of. And then comes update 14, which has increased the difficulty in instanced group content significantly.

While T1 is still pretty easy, T2 and T2C content has been ramped up so much, that there’s been several topics created around it on the official forums.

This one claims NCF T2 must be bugged and here’s another one claiming that the scaling of raids is ridiculous
And here’s another one claiming inbalance

But there’s not just complints, as even in these threads, people are not only saying that despite the increased difficulty these instances can be completed by a good group, they’re actually showing it. In fact, there’s a thread created for just that purpose! I can’t even remember the last time there was one of those threads on the official forums.


There has also been several threads created just to thank Turbine for giving us the challenge back in instances.
Like this one, and this one.

I haven’t had much time to do instances myself since U14, and the ones I have done have been T1’s, but I can’t wait to try out some of the old instances again with the difficulty ramped up. It was so long ago since Lotro had a real challenge, so I will probably suck pretty badly until I get into it again. Just imagine, you might actually have instances where you need stat food, potions, scrolls and hope tokens. Where you actually have to pay attention to interupts and corruptions. Where you might actually wipe your group if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing.

After Helms Deep I only levelled up 2 out of my 10 chars at 85 to 95, it just felt like there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to level the rest. Now, I have started to level my alts again, because I just can’t wait to get my hands on these “new” challenges.

Let’s just hope that Turbine doesn’t listen to the few complainers (that probably should stay with the T1 instances) and nerf everything back in to oblivion before I get my chars capped and geared.

I’m back!

July 22, 2013

In a time when many blogs about Lotro closes down, I have decided to re-open mine. I’ts been 2½ years since my last post, but I still play, and love, Lotro.

My focus in the game has switched a bit the last couple of years, and so will the content of this blog. Expect the content of this blog to be about class optimization, PvP (creep & freep) and endgame raiding.

Now you may wonder if the Lotro community really needs a blog about PvP and raiding, the two things left furthest behind right now. Well, no one ever really needs a blog do they? I just want to show the community that there is someone out there still interested in the group-based endgame things in Lotro.

I will keep this first post short, since I’m posting it from my phone, but I’ll be back soon again, and then I will talk to you about Flight T2C.

A Warden in the Moors

January 13, 2011

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been much in Ettemoors. My Hunter has been there some time, but mostly as a supporting role in a raid. Tracking nasty wargs and trying my best too shoot from a distance. So when my PVP weapons on my Warden had finally reached a decent level (enough to max out my Careful Step duration & Javelin toss range) i went out there.

PVP with a Warden is very very different from a Hunter. First of all, there’s the incoming damage, not only does my Warden have 30-40% more morale than my hunter, but also some awesome Block/Evade/Parry rating (esp with Shield Mastery up). And dealing damage is quite different too, first of all the Warden has the super awesome Careful Step+Ambush combo which means that you can basically get the creep down to 50% morale before it can start doing damage itself. And with the Javelin toss range maxed out, the range is only slightly shorter than a Hunters range. Soloing is not only possible with a Warden, but also quite fun, with a Hunter (atleast for me) it was neither. But also grouping with a Warden is more fun. It’s lovely to be the one knocking down an enemy with Ambush, and see the rest of the raid finish it off.

Coming into melee range is quite different. You need to know exactly where your two-gambit icons are, one mistake building a gambit in the Moors will very likely end badly, there’s just not enough time to start over. My meele PVP weapon doesn’t deal very much damage yet either (Javelin toss range felt a whole lot more important to get up to max).

On a final note, I got my last piece in the Spear-Shaker set for my Warden yesterday. It’s nice to finally have 150 radiance, and that Recklessness set bonus will be awesome in PVP.

Sammath Gûl

September 6, 2010


Since most players in my kin (including myself) is casual players it can be quite hard to get a good group for the 6 and 12-man instances in LOTRO, but yesterday we did get a nice group to do Sammath Gûl. It was my first time and I really liked it.

It also meant i could now get my final rad-piece and I’m now ready for the greater challenges ahead. I also got the Bregloch earring, which sadly enough is really nice compared to my other crappy jewelery, I really have to do something about that.

Besides SG there has been a lot of deed-grinding going on for me lately. Trying to get those virtues up a notch, and fixing my legendary traits. My Hunter is now actually starting to look like a pretty solid build and all I really need is some new jewelery. A second or first age bow would also be nice of course, but my third age will be fine for now.