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Durchest & Twins T2C

August 6, 2014

Barad Guldur and the other scaled raids have had their difficulty raised quite a bit with Update 14.

While Durchest and the Twins definately are harder than @95, and probably also @85, we managed to take BG’s two first bossfights in challenge mode without any wipes. We did manage a wipe between the bosses though, you actually have to be careful when pulling the trash.

The Liutenant and his Fell Beast is quite a different story, and this fight now presents a nice challenge, even for well coordinated groups.

We never managed to take the LT down on challenge mode before our time was up and people needed to head off to other things, but there’s no doubt in my mind that after a few more tries, we’ll take him down.

For the first time, in a long while, I’m really exited about T2C raiding in Lotro, and this despite the fact that there is no new raids, or even new raids planned.
I’m even exited about the Erebor cluster, as these raids now most likely are really tough. I’m actually levelling my Guardian (that got stuck at 85) so I can have the option to tank on it if I feel the Warden isn’t up to the job.

My captain is nearly done with essence gearing (just leggings left), and once that is done and his BB jewellery is updated to lvl 100, he will be properly raid ready. The Warden feels less gear dependant, but the essence system really lets me pick the stats I want.

The Guard is actually doing a full levelling through HD to get all the trait points, but my Champ and Mini will be levelled with tasks to 95, and in West Gondor to 100. The rest of my alts are currently sitting on lvl 85, and whether or not they will be brought to 100 is much dependant on what Turbine has in store for the future.
(I can haz new raid plz?)