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Is the lag killing Lotro?

August 5, 2013

The server restart a few days ago did help a bit with the horrible lag in raids and pvp, but it only made it better, it’s still not good.

The lag is really killing the raid v raid action in Etten, as long as it’s just a few soloers on each side there’s not much problems, but last time I checked this was a massive multiplayer game.

It’s not equally bad in PvE raids, but it’s bad enough. The last two friday nights has been Flight T2C attempt-nights for me, and when the summoner waves spawn, everything stops for a few seconds. And while I can’t really claim that the lag was the reason for any of the wipes, I can’t rule out that it was the reason for all of them either. There’s too many players, mobs and mechanics to say for sure, but the lag sure isn’t making it easier.