Waiting for F2P and Warden tanking

Finally! The European servers are now down for maintenance and we are getting F2P!

My Warden has now hit 59 which means that he can actually be of some use in the Moria instances. And yesterday I did my first “real” tanking with my Warden. We did a GS HM run and i got to tank Igash (while our guardian took care of the Devoted and his archers). I must say that i enjoyed it quite a bit!

I’ve studied tanking with a Warden a lot by reading on the web, mostly other blogs. Because of this I knew pretty much what to expect. I expected some trouble getting initial aggro, but that holding aggro once i got it would be no problem. Both these things were true.

Being used to playing a Hunter in the six man instances and raids, it was quite the opposite being a tank. Normally, with the Hunter, I do anything i can to not get aggro, which can get quite boring when all you want is to see really large yellow numbers. It was definitely more satisfying being a tank, where you don’t have to hold back, you just have to go nuts! Thankfully, I also had a lvl 65 Healer keeping me alive, making it a bit easier than it really should be.

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  1. Audra I. Cooley Says:

    About stats for tanking– I’d like to share mine to see how they stack up to Mero’s and other Wardens in the kin. I just want to see where other are doing things right, or to get a a different view on what is good. (Mero and I frequently have different ideas that are fun to swap around.) Morale- 19548 Power- 5693 All avoidance are based on my warden buffs being active through my normal rotation. Block %21.7 part. %13.4 Parry %19.2 part. %13.9 Evade %20.1 part. %11.1 Total= %61.0 part. %38.4 with %35 partial mits. Mitigation- unbuffed Physical- %50 Tactical- %50 Resistance- %16.6 Crit Defense- %42.4 Finesse- %11.5 Incoming Healing- %21.1 I’m happy to explain my ideas about this if people ask for specifics, but for now I am tired and want to sleep.

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