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Quick post

August 18, 2010

I did a post a while ago about doing Sword Halls with three Hunters. I am really looking forward to trying this when LOTRO goes F2P with the new and improved Hunter skills. Now we will have both interupt and corruption removal.

Also, I found this pic searching for info on the new skills 🙂

The name of this blog

August 17, 2010

You might wonder why this blog is called “Tales From The Great Barrow”.

First of all, it’s obviously stolen from Tales from the Crypt, and the Great Barrows is kind of a crypt. But more importantly the Great Barrows was where i fully realized what LOTRO is all about. GB is the first time in the game where you really need a fellowship, before that I did everything solo, trying to level up as fast as possible. But playing in a fellowship for the first time made me realize that is what makes this game so awesome. It was a PUG, but it didn’t really matter, it really changed everything. I had been in fellowships before GB, but that was just to help someone, or get some help myself. This was the first time in a fellowship where you needed real teamwork.

I still do most my playing solo. But it’s the times when you’re in a fellowship or raid that you’ll remember. You don’t remember killing hundreds of animals to get a deed, or running around the map like crazy for a exploration deed. I can’t even remember most of the epic quest line. What i do remember is things like GB, Grand Stairs, Sword Halls and taking down that enormous, ugly turtle!

There is one other thing that has stuck in my memory too. I had just come to the North Downs for the first time, being level 20-something I had probably done the first quests you get at Trestlebridge but had now gone up to Colbert the Mad and his little camp overlooking the Fields of Fornost (Probably the quest The search for Idalene that brought me there). As I stood there looking out over the dead forest ahead of me, with my back turned to the green fields, a hobbit standing there picks up his lute and starts playing Concerning Hobbits from the movie soundtrack. Epic moment!

Back again!

August 11, 2010

Ok, so I’m back again. I’ve had a long break from LOTRO now, but started playing again a couple of days ago. It’s funny with LOTRO, as soon as you enter middle-earth you remember what made you start playing it. It’s simply amazing.

I’m probably gonna put a lot of time into my warden, it’s a fun class to play, but not an easy class. I also started a new char, another Hunter. With my Man/Hunter at 65 I felt the need to start all over with a new one. This time I know from the start what i need, and what I can be without. It’s an Elf/Hunter this time, and I will do everything I can to max that DPS out.