Sword Halls

My kinship has way too many hunters, me being one of them. So getting a good group for SH can be hard. But I’ve run it twice now, with a group of three hunters(!) and it’s not been so bad.

The first two bosses are usually no big problem. So here comes a small “guide” for thoose who wants to try it out with three hunters.

  • Stay in strength stance
  • Bring power pots
  • The hunter that gets aggro – kite
  • The hunters that don’t have aggro – DPS
  • When you get aggro – start running
  • When you’re nearing the end of the fight – Burn hot & Heart seeker

The only thing you’ll really be missing (except for some descent healing) will be the lack of interuptions and corruption removals (before the target hits <50% morale)…

Make sure you go in as much buffed as possible, try to get a captain to give you some buffs, and bring food. Also bring fear and wound pots. And ofcourse, power and morale pots.


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