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Sword Halls

December 23, 2009

My kinship has way too many hunters, me being one of them. So getting a good group for SH can be hard. But I’ve run it twice now, with a group of three hunters(!) and it’s not been so bad.

The first two bosses are usually no big problem. So here comes a small “guide” for thoose who wants to try it out with three hunters.

  • Stay in strength stance
  • Bring power pots
  • The hunter that gets aggro – kite
  • The hunters that don’t have aggro – DPS
  • When you get aggro – start running
  • When you’re nearing the end of the fight – Burn hot & Heart seeker

The only thing you’ll really be missing (except for some descent healing) will be the lack of interuptions and corruption removals (before the target hits <50% morale)…

Make sure you go in as much buffed as possible, try to get a captain to give you some buffs, and bring food. Also bring fear and wound pots. And ofcourse, power and morale pots.

Skirmish frenzy

December 9, 2009

Ok, so I haven’t written anything here in quite some time. That’s because I’ve been playing. And almost nonstop I’ve been playing the one thing I had doubts about in MW; Skirmishes!

And i absolutely LOVE them. So far I have nothing bad at all to say about them, they are great. I’ve levelled to 62 just on skirmishes, but that also leads to another problem. I’m only on Chapter 2 in book 9, wich means some skirmishes are still locked for me. Oh well, I’ll get there when I get there.

My favourite so far, is probably Ford of Bruinen, with Prancing Pony not far behind. Last night, the kin did a 12 man raid in Thievery and Mischief, wich was really fun, but we completely failed at the bosses in the end. Four bosses with 150k+ morale and healing buffs was just too hard. And before we could discover any good strategy people had to leave and go to bed (me among them). But we’ll have to give it a try some other day.

At first, I choose an Archer as my soldier, and being a Hunter myself, we sure did massive DPS. But my morale was always in danger, and I never had any power, so eventually I abondoned the Archer for a Herbalist, and it’s worked great so far. Sure, it takes a lot more time to kill all enemys, and you have to be careful not to let the Herbalist get to much aggro, but in the end, it does more good then bad, because I still got some morale and power left after a fight.

I would love to test a protector too, but i fear that they would (as Guardins do) have problems holding aggro while I’m in strength stance, and doing solo-skirmishes in endurance? Don’t think so.

Lastly, I just have to mention the Barrow-downs skirmish. It’s completely insane! In a good way. Can’t wait to try that one out in a raid. We did it with a six man FS and it’s, well, impossible to stay alive for longer than perhaps ten minutes. One lieutenant had an AOE attack giving everyone in the FS 3k damage… Insane.. And I’m loving it!